Monday, February 4, 2008

18-1... plus a chocolate box

the most fantastic thing happened yesterday. the giants won the super bowl. they upset the pats in what will go down as one of the biggest in super bowl history (though no one will beat joe namath and the jets... what is it with these NY teams?). das and I were so ecstatic. it would have been so great to be there, but seeing it on tv was pretty great too. my menu worked out perfectly, might I add. :) there were four cancellations, so there were only six of us noshing, but it ended up being the perfect amount. very little leftover. AND I was still able to watch a lot of the game rather than being in the kitchen the whole time (which is what happened last year, but it wasn't as important a game as this one). wow. I'm in awe. they definitely deserved to win that game, too. they played their butts off out there and proved everyone wrong!

ok, on to other things. I so want an electronic reader. there is no rhyme to this reason at all. other than it'd be cool. the options are: amazon kindle vs. sony reader PRS-505 (links take you to the reviews). it would eventually be awesome to have downloadable quilt books. patterns accessible at the touch of a button. way cool.

we looked at another house on thursday morning. it was nice... kitchen was fabulous. das and I have been discussing... we'll see. it's getting frustrating b/c the houses that don't require any work (cosmetic or otherwise) are out of our price range, and the houses that do are the only ones we can afford. we just need to either keep looking, or just accept the fact that this "buyers' market" doesn't apply to us in any way, shape, or form. either way... it sucks.

so I'm thinking about a proposition to get the nimble thimbles quilt chapter online. I need to do it now, while my mom's still in office, just to make sure that it gets addressed rather than pushed aside since I'm "that girl who is in a maine quilt guild but lives in connecticut". I still get all the emails and whatnot, but it's hard to participate in anything while you are 200+ miles away. I would like to be able to participate in their functions without having to plan months in advance for it. but, such is life I guess. I made the decision to stay in CT, and now I need to work with it. I most certainly could join a guild here... there are several I could choose from, plus one I have met with already. there is a retreat I am potentially interested in (mostly because there is a commuter option for significantly less money), but I don't know if I need to be a member or not in order to register. we'll see. I would love the planned opportunity to get some work done. :)

ok... my partner in crime is out today so I must get back to that which I get paid for.

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