Wednesday, February 6, 2008

happy hump day!

not only is it hump day, it is prince spaghetti day! I only know that because my seventh grade science teacher, mr. hoerth used to say that every wednesday. [sigh] the things I *do* remember...

anyway... I got new glasses today. had the appointment last friday and I already have them. way to go lenscrafters! they are computer/reading glasses... which I've had for a while, but I'd been getting some headaches lately while at work and even while doing my punchneedle. I got a slightly higher prescription from before, and also got gasp! progressive lenses. this I have *not* had before. definitely taking some getting used to. I'm accustomed to just moving my eyes back and forth from one spot to the next and now I really need to focus on moving my whole head. the central area through which I need to look for optimal, non-headache inducing sight seems relatively small now. however, I am determined to have these work out. besides, I love my frames!

das and I are still on cloud nine over the giants. too bad we couldn't make it to the parade yesterday. although the weather is/was pretty crappy for standing around in new york waiting to catch a glimpse of eli manning, plaxico burress, brandon jacobs, and the rest of the g-men. oh well, we were there in heart!

I think I just heard a whip crack somewhere, so... back to work!

UPDATE: I had wanted to post a picture of my frams because they're so awesome... but it was really messing with my formatting and I'm not *that techno-savvy that I know what I'm doing. if anyone's at all interested, the link is here.

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