Monday, February 11, 2008

pet peeves...

first, I had to take a few days off because my eyes, even with the new glasses, have been bothering me. it's getting used to the progressive lenses, I'm sure, but doesn't mean it isn't annoying as heck! my right eye has been red for a few days now, and my eyes in general have been really tired lately, too. no headaches, thank goodness, but still, it's bothersome. I'm so used to just adjusting my eyes when I need to look at something, but I have to get used to adjusting my whole head now. ick. I have two months, though... then if I'm still not accustomed to it, I can take them back and get bifocals. we shall see. I am very annoyed because I had a lot of opportunity this weekend to be working on a few things quilt-wise, and my eyes just hurt so much that I couldn't bring myself to break it out. I've been working a lot on my punchneedle so that I can get that completed, finally... but it's still just... sitting. ugh.

now the title of the post is pet peeves... I just needed to share this one thing. I just took my lunch at work and read in the cafeteria... something I don't do all that often. I mostly just work through lunch. but, I got in early (aka on time according to the clocks of the Real World) and decided that I was going to treat myself and read. I am sitting, eating my salad, minding my own business... several people were already in the cafeteria but were also minding their own business just munching and enjoying their break. after a few minutes, the cafe had cleared out and I was eating and reading solo. about five to ten minutes later, two women walk into the cafeteria blabbering on about something I could care less about, but clearly needed to know about given the volume at which they were speaking. and that's not the biggest offense... what irritated me most is that when they walked in, they had to OPEN the cafeteria door. but then they neglected to CLOSE the door afterward. were you born in a barn, people?! I would obviously never say anything to them about it because I'm not that kind of person, but the majority of people, in my mind, would close the door after opening it. now, if anyone I know reads this (namely das), they could easily call shenanigans and say, "what a hypocrite!" I *do* leave the door open sometimes, but I think I've gotten a lot better, now that I realize how much it irritates me when it occurs. well, now that I think about it, it doesn't bother me that much except in this particular instance because I am reading, I am trying to have some down time... and not only do you come in loudly and obnoxiously, you neglect to shut the door thus exposing this once quiet, restful area to the noises of the rest of the plant (our lettershop is right next to the cafe, too). [sigh] whatever. nothing I can really do about it, I guess. :) once it gets warmer (and I don't mean back up to 32*F), I can go back outside again and read at the picnic tables.

can I just mention how much I *love* this fabric line? I don't know if it's new, or if it has been out for a while... but I saw it on the weekly email from suzanne's quilt shop and just adore it. I think it would be simply fabulous in a turning twenty pattern, or perhaps a yellow brick road. I have the russian rhapsody/cosmic cats bundle as well that I fell in love with... that would also look wonderful as a turning twenty. oh, and the reason I am saying everything would be great as a turning twenty... I am the one person remaining on earth (probably) that has NOT done a turning twenty quilt in any way, shape, or form. such is my life, I suppose. I am working on figuring something out from the pattern archives of to make for a belated wedding quilt. I started making something else, but decided I loved it way too much to give it away. :D hee hee.

well, my eyes are starting to bug way out... so I'll call it quits for now. have a stellar day!

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