Wednesday, February 13, 2008

out of commission

so in 5 minutes... I have reapply my antibiotic ointment in my eyes. yeah. that's right. I got a staph infection in my eye, which clogged my glands, causing redness (thus dryness) and intense pains. it's disgusting, though. for about half an hour post-ointment application, I am completely useless. I can't see worth beans due to the layer of antibiotic film coating my eye. so using my glasses is pointless, too... because then I can't focus through film AND glasses. [ugh] hopefully this weekend I'll feel well enough to work on something.

oh, and not to mention... all this ice/rain we've gotten in CT hasn't been that great for the homestead. the potential for basement flooding is pretty high, which increases the possibility that our heat and hot water will need to be shut off temporarily until the water subsides (our sump pump would be helpful, but the hose that usually connects it is frozen in coil form). there are also a bunch of tree branches falling from the heavy ice and while none are going to hit our house (cross your fingers), there are some falling dangerously close to power lines connecting our house to the road... and the lines also on the road itself. [sigh] should be an interesting few days.

oh, and since the live signature is the new hot thing for the blog pages (I've noticed it on quite a few), I decided to jump off the bridge with everyone else and do it. I created a few... so if you have an opinion (the one person who reads this anyway)... let me know which one is best. I'll be changing them over the next few posts. :)

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