Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy love day!

ok. so here is why my husband is the most awesomest, most loving, most creative guy ever. my valentine's day gift... a singing valentine! they came in to work, and we're a pretty high security place, so the receptionist put them in the conference room near the door and asked my coworker to get me in there somehow. she told me that she wanted to go over some filing techniques. this of course seemed odd to me since we were just in the middle of a conversation. but, whatever. das had told me I'd get my gift at 2pm, so I didn't think too much of it. I walked into the conference room... and I must have turned about 87 shades of red. but oh my goodness. I got a rose, a card, and they sang two songs for me. the first... I don't even know what it was... I was so in shock and happy and embarrassed that I wasn't even really paying attention. I was smiling so much... my face is still sore! the second song was, "something in the way she moves" by the beatles. they did such a fantastic job with it. I think I was red for at least half an hour after they left. there are a lot of guys that are going to get into trouble this valentine's... :D

on a similar note, my gifts seems so... well, inadequate. I didn't skimp on gifts, but I got just random stuff, I guess. I got him a "kissing disease" stuffed germ from giant microbes... which sounds bizarre, but it's really cute. and it *is* the kissing disease. :) I also got him some reeses pieces in plastic hearts (ok, I admit, I ate half of them, but he still got half!), and some tasty teriyaki jerky, and some hot buffalo wing pretzel pieces (ok, I ate some of those too). I also got him something else from ebay... but I dare not mention it until later because he hasn't gotten it yet and I certainly don't want to spoil the surprise! it's pretty cool though and I'm sure he'll like it a lot. lastly, we are going out to eat at toyo sushi, which is not too far from our house and has really amazing sushi. I was pushing for either sushi or hibachi, but left the decision to das since it's my gift to him. glad he picked toyo!

ok, I've been spacy at work ever since I was sung to... so I have to get back to work!! happy love day everyone! :)

UPDATE: I got das a hartford whalers tshirt. being from CT and losing the local hockey team makes him sad sometimes... he pines for the team but at least he now has a tshirt to support them!! :)

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