Friday, February 15, 2008

another day... at least it's friday

my eyes are finally starting to get less red, gross, and disgusting. however, they are outrageously dry. like, painfully dry. it's pretty dry in general here at work... but perhaps part of the problem is that you blink approximately 50% less while using the computer than you do when out living your life. and since I'm behind a computer eight hours a day monday through friday... ben stein can direct his commercials to me specifically. ugh. and dry eyes make me so tired, too. the past few days, I've just been d r a g g i n g in the morning. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am SO not a morning person. my das refuses to wake me up within a 6 foot radius of me for fear of getting some extraneous body part ripped off and thrown away or just arbitrarily stuffed somewhere. it's so linda blair really. :)

so good news on the homefront... or home search I guess I should say. das and I have found a place that we are quite excited about. it's a raised ranch on a dead end street with a hot tub. yeah, I said it. with a hot tub. it's not technically included... however, the seller's agent says he can talk them into leaving it. given the cost associated with moving it and such... it may not be worth the investment. it's only two bedrooms, so there goes my sewing room/das's office. BUT, knowing how insane he'd be knowing I'd just take over the remainder of the house with my quilting and other crafts, we've pondered the idea of converting the garage space into liveable space for my sewing room and his office. I think it really will work out for the best... we'd lose value for losing the garage, but would gain value for the increase in living space. anyway, I stopped in at the local police department this morning to request the crime census for the area. given the fact that it's in a city versus a town or village or any number of other, smaller places we could live in, we decided that it would be best to look into it. can't hurt, right? and we'd lived near the area before when we were renting out of college, and it was in a "rebuilding" stage (read: the hartford courant refused to deliver there, pizza hut refused to deliver there; in other words, if they delivered, it wasn't to us). I think it's better now, plus the city in general is really making some marked improvements: expressway expansion project, school redistricting and upgrades, plus revamping some older strip malls with more appealing stores and whatnot. overall, too, I think that, unfortunately, no matter where you end up, there's going to be crime in some form. it'd be naive to think otherwise... but maybe that's just my east coast attitude coming out. never really used to be that way (coming from maine), but CT has really jaded me. stupid CT. :)

well, it is certainly my intention to get some work done this weekend. I'm heading out to the cadillac ranch for some good ol' line dancing on saturday but other than that, the weekend is free(ish). hopefully I'll have good news to post later. :)

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