Saturday, February 16, 2008

so I didn't get anything done...

but it's for good reason! honest! I got up (relatively) early, courtesy of bowser the alarm clock, and went downstairs. das was reading the paper so I played some mysims on the wii and then when he was done, we played wii sports for a bit. afterward, we decided that we should call our real estate agent and tell him that we would like to make an offer on the house. he wasn't around but we left a message and went on our day... I went upstairs and started to think about quilting (I still have my machine packed up from a trip a few weekends ago, ugh). not too long after I made it upstairs, das yelled up that I needed to dressed, we were going to our agent's office to make an offer! so I threw some presentable clothes on and off we went. so dotted our i's and crossed our t's... and now it's just hurry up and wait! we're definitely excited and are pleased with our decision to move forward. hopefully we'll hear soon...

after leaving the office, we stopped off at stew leonards supermarket to pick up some groceries for our sunday luncheon with my MIL. since she is on the other side of the state, we don't get to see her too often, but are glad she's able to stop out and see us. :)

well, I'm off... hpb and I are going to the caddy ranch for some line dancing!

also, as you can see from the past few posts... my signature is looking a bit, well, crappy. any thoughts? I know I have a dark background, but even with using grey or yellow, it comes out all yuk. let me know!

UPDATE: we heard from our agent and he said the sellers are in DC and won't be back monday night. we won't get any acceptances or counters until at least tuesday. ugh. at least we know!

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