Monday, February 18, 2008

I feel like a cymbalta commercial

today has been awful. just total crap. not only is it raining and just generally crappy out... I feel like ass, too. I want to be at home just curled up with das and the furboys not doing anything. I am not physically sick... just family crap that I wish didn't need to happen. I'm almost 27 and it shouldn't bother me, but it does.

regardless, yesterday went well for lunch. I made roast chicken with sage and rosemary seasoning. it was my first roast chicken (I've done turkeys and the like) and it came out awesome. very moist and totally delish. for sides I did roast asparagus with garlic and rosemary, and kasha varnishkes, a traditional jewish side of pasta with kasha. very tasty. my MIL and das's bubbe both make it. mine didn't come out too badly for never having made that before either. we had some good pinot grigio with dinner, too, and overall it was a good afternoon/evening. I just relaxed after that and read a little. I was tired and felt like I was falling asleep sitting up... so I figured trying to sew would prove a costly mistake. :/ such is life.

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