Thursday, June 26, 2008

a happy post...

and no it's not happy for the reasons you think it may be. :) I'd like to think that I'll have good news to post about our closing date... but alas, it will not be now. instead, I'm going to stop with the mopey posts and write about quilting. :) unfortunately, I haven't done any lately to show... but I figure I can go jen-style and post some oldies-but-goodies (that hopefully I haven't shown you all yet). :) that will have to do for now... but at least it's not dismal house stuff. yuk!

this particular one was a quilt that I did for das for christmas of... um... 2004 when we were in our apartment. I cut out and pieced the whole shebang at a quilt retreat at the beginning of the month. I did it, essentially, in a weekend. then had it sent out for quilting... got it back just before the holidays. I didn't get the binding on before I gave it to him (because you know how hard it is to bind a surprise quilt for someone when there's only three rooms you could possibly work in?)... but it didn't matter. it was awesome anyway. I bound it, I believe, in january while we were watching football. it *still* does not have a label. oops. :) I really should do something about that. oh, and also... this pattern is "peppermint sticks" by terry atkinson. I want to say it's in her 'spring cleaning' book, but I could be mistaken. it's golfers with green and grey peppermint sticks. :)

this is one of m'liss rae hawley's fat quarter quilts that, I believe, is called 'portugese tiles'. I couldn't tell you off hand which book this came from, but it was fun to make. it was definitely interesting working with blocks that were rectangular instead of square. there was no rhyme or reason to the color scheme, though it kind of formed some yellow and blue diagonals. this was for memorial weekend of 2005... das's "honorary aunt" was getting married and this was our gift. I finished the binding in the car on the way to the ceremony (I got a weeeee bit carsick, but after a break, I felt ok). then I sewed on the label while they were taking pictures. :) nothing like waiting for the laaaaast minute. that may have been the last quilt I actually got done before it was due - ha ha. this picture was taken in the apartment before it was quilted, but I have others out on the lawn after I got the label on, LOL. :)

this last one is another terry atkinson... maybe this one is the one that was in 'spring cleaning'. anyway... it's called 'chain of lakes'. it was super easy to put together. this quilt was for my honorary niece, sophia. she was born in january of 2005, so the shower was in october/november of 2004. since we didn't know if it was a boy or a girl at the time, we opted for the gender neutral colors. my mom had all the green 30s fabrics at home, which was fantastic... and bless her heart, she cut it out for me. :) what was funny was that she included the binding, which is that yellow border you see there. :) yeah, there wasn't a planned border but I totally wasn't paying attention. it worked out though, and I think I like it better with the border anyway. sophie's brother ben's quilt will have to be for another post. :)

well, the day is ending (at work) so I'm going to wrap it up here... I have a few other past quilts up my sleeve that may be of interest. and I hope I have some good news to report sooner rather than later!

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aimee said...

its so funny to see a picture of sophie's quilt in someone else's home, haha, since it is such a part of ours now. she loves that quilt and talks all the time about how auntie katy made it for her before she was even born - she thinks that's pretty awesome. :-)