Monday, August 11, 2008

another monday...

so... another rainy day here in CT. it's been pretty crazy out the past week or so. ahh... another flash of lightning. actually, last thursday was a freakish storm with hail about the size of nickels (at their maximum). the storm lasted a long time, too... at least an hour if not more. it just kept coming and coming. just down the street, a tree was split from the lightning. and by "just down the street" I mean "it could have potentially hit any number of cars in our parking lot because it was that close". ridiculous!

hopefully the storm subsides soon... I have to pick up my car at 5pm b/c the battery is potentially dying. joy of joys. the place I have do my auto repairs and oil changes is across the street from work so I just have to drop it off and walk to work. not a bad deal. I'm irritated though... I just brought the car in last month to have its 105k mile "inspection" done. I didn't want to pay out the ass for the dealership to do it (considering my warranty was up 25k miles ago)... so I just had them work on it there. I spent (essentially) my whole freakin' bonus check on my timing belt and all the accompanying work. (sigh) so much fabric that could have been purchased.

since blogger was being difficult at the end of last week, I just gave it a chance to breathe a bit. thus I didn't post any photos of the bridesmaid outing. :) we didn't actually take any photos because we were kind of worried we'd get caught and disciplined. rumor has it that david's bridal isn't too keen on unauthorized photos being taken of the dresses. however, I did steal some photos online so that I can at least share which dresses we're interested in! we have two MOH and two bridesmaids (of which I am one). two of the party reside in new jersey... and one of them is about to give birth at the beginning of september. so needless to say, she's not getting her dress yet. the purpose of this outing was to determine, with the bride, what styles would be best. we had eleven styles that we were going to try on... some were ok, some were pretty yuck. :) but we narrowed it down nicely. the plan is to allow the bridal party to select their own style, but we wanted to make the decision a little easier. the dresses we picked all go well together with similar style on the bodice. we're avoiding the taffeta dresses, and sticking with the lighter, more flow-y dresses, too. the one on the right, with the ribbon, is the one that is my personal fav, plus the one the bride likes for me, too. the one on the left is the second choice for me. there is a back-up, too, (center) that looks nice on the other bridesmaid who was with us, but it's long... and david's bridal said that they wouldn't alter it to tea length... not that a seamstress couldn't, of course. from personal experience, I know that david's bridal charges a lot for alterations. grr. but hopefully, there won't need to be too much done to whichever dress I choose.

and speaking of hopefully, I am hopefully going to get my quilting stuff this week. I had wanted to go tonight after work but a) I totally slept a lot later than I should have thus needing to stay later, b) we really need coffee, c) we really need other groceries besides coffee, and d) I have to pick up my car (not that that would take a long time, but I'm just going to be tired and not want to deal with it). tomorrow's my massage that my darling superhusband das got for me. wednesday is bowling. thursday is my parents' arrival. now, they will have the truck, but they're returning it on friday morning/afternoon and I certainly don't want to deal with driving to the other house late on thursday night. most of the stuff I have left is all backseat-able, but there are two tables that need to go, plus some things that may just be easier to handle in a truck rather than the jetta. anyway, we're hoping that our cousin will allow us to borrow her truck to assist. we'll see. otherwise, I'm hoping that my mom can get some things together while she's here to help clean the basement up enough to make it a workable area. we'll see. it needs light... that is FOR sure. :) and the otts are at the old house. GRR!!

lastly, we got our new headboard in on thursday night (after I ordered it on tuesday!). that got put together friday night and it looks ok. it's lower than the bed because we have the bed up on risers to have storage underneath. normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but it's a bookcase/storage style headboard. but it'll be ok I guess. we ordered our baker's rack, too. that will deliver between 8/14 and 8/19, though I'm hoping it's sooner. it'll probably ship out tomorrow. we tried to install our pet door for the cats so we can move the litter into the basement, but the tools das borrowed from work weren't working well with our door... so we have to figure something else out. also, we tried to bring our old kitchen table up... yeah. not so much. we were going to refinish it, but with the ridiculous moisture and humidity in the basement it was starting to mold. so we were going to clean it off and move it upstairs. then, in an attempt to fix a wobbly leg... pieces started to fly off. the wood had broken apart because it was so old. it probably didn't help that it was getting damp, too. so... of course... we now have to look for a new kitchen table. great. :)

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